INTERVIEW: Mother Monster Is Opening The VMAs!

 Oh My Godga! During “MTV First: Lady Gaga” on Thursday night (August 18), the Mother Monster, joined by a sea of her fans in Times Square, announced that she has the coveted spot of opening the 2011 Video Music Awards. Gaga is also set to perform on the star-studded award show on August 28th.  She spent time with Sway to answer fan questions from twitter and the audience. Go to to see the interview!

NEW MUSIC VIDEO: Lady Gaga » “Yoü and I”

Lady Gaga just couldn’t wait until Thursday to premiere her new video for the song “Yoü and I”. The video involves two new characters of the singer, a beautiful mermaid named Yuyi and a roughed-up man, Jo Calderone. It’s a beautifully shot video but I’m still confused as to what the plot is. I guess I’ll go read the 200 theories written by some little monsters. Leave your thoughts below.

LIVE PERFORMANCE: Gaga Sings “Yoü and I” For AMP Radio

Gagaloo stopped by Carson Daly’s radio show to perform and further discuss her music video for her new single, Lüc and I Yoü and I.  Gaga revealed the premise for the video saying that, “There’s this fork in the road and it’s four different ways that I can go, but there’s lots of other things that can happen. All sorts of strange things that occur and it has a lot to do with bridging my past and my future as an artist.” Click the cut to read some more hints to the new video.

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