ALBUM SALES: DJ Khaled Flops; Adele & Beyoncé Continue To Sell

Album Sales for the week of July 19th-August 25th are out. DJ Khaled’s “We The Best Forever” was the only release I was checking for last Tuesday, and to be expected, he flopped. This was Khaled’s fifth album, but first album with a mainstream label backing under Cash Money/Universal, yet it only sold 24,775. I pretty much called it in my review, the album won’t produce anymore Top 10 hits like “I’m On One”…not even on the R&B/Hip-Hop charts, so we can just forget about the existence of this album.

Anyway though, Kidz Bop opened at number one *blank ass stare*, folks keep sucking Adele and she moved from #3 last week to #2, and finally Beysus held strong at her #5 position selling 30,316 more copies of “4”.

Check back next week for the flop sales of Kelly Rowland’s “Here I Am”!


ALBUM SALES: Beysus Falls, Blake Shelton Takes Over

This week, Beyonce fans are shocked with the news of  her album sales falling to 5th place after being in 1st place the week before.  “The Voice” star Blake Shelton comes first place this week with his album that I had no idea even came out. It must be great to be a country star in America. Click the cut to see the other artists who passed Beysus from her number 1 spot.