LIVE PERFORMANCE: Gaga Sings “Yoü and I” For AMP Radio

Gagaloo stopped by Carson Daly’s radio show to perform and further discuss her music video for her new single, Lüc and I Yoü and I.  Gaga revealed the premise for the video saying that, “There’s this fork in the road and it’s four different ways that I can go, but there’s lots of other things that can happen. All sorts of strange things that occur and it has a lot to do with bridging my past and my future as an artist.” Click the cut to read some more hints to the new video.

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INSIDE SCOOP: Young Jeezy Reveals Thug Motivation 103 Release Date

During his six-year anniversary concert for his first album, “Thug Motivation 101”, Young Jeezy finally announced a new release date of September 20th for his very delayed fourth album: “Thug Motivation 103”. 

Hopefully TM103 is like that. Jeezy used to hold the crown for the best street/riding music before Gucci, and now Rick Ross, came through and took the spot. Continue reading

LIVE PERFORMANCE: Justin Timberlake x Jimmy Fallon » “History Of Rap Part 2”

Justin Timberlake was a guest on Jimmy Fallon’s “Late Night Show” last night and decided to join The Roots and Jimmy in the return of the medley about the History of Rap!  Excuse the current bad quality, you can watch it from Jimmy’s official website HERE. How many songs do you recognize? I love this, now if JT would go make an album instead of pursuing this flop acting career.

LIVE PERFORMANCE: Nicole Scherzinger on “So You Think You Can Dance”

Former awesome Pussy Cat Dolls lead singer, and pretty much struggling to remain relevant solo artist, Nicole Scherzinger graced the our TV screens Thursday evening on FOX’s “So You Think You Can Dance” to perform her only mild hit to date as a solo artist, “Right There”. Check out the video after the break.

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