INSIDE SCOOP: Usher & Beyoncé Make Love In The Club, Part 3?

According to my iTunes, the only worthy females with names that start with a “B” are Beysus, Britney, & Brandy. Beysus is coincidentally in NYC performing at the Roseland Ballroom, Brit is on tour, and Brandy is…, so my bet is on Beyoncé. Love In This Club Part III, perhaps?  (Reminisce on Part II inside)

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OOP: Nicki Minaj’s 911 Tape After Assault


 After denying reports of being assaulted, Nicki may now have to speak the truth after TMZ has provided receipts that a 911 call was in fact made, due to an assault to the rapper. Dallas police have released the 911 tape from the Nicki Minaj hotel fight last month — in which you can hear a woman, referred to as “Nicki,” scream … “Look at what he did to my face!”

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INSIDE SCOOP: Young Jeezy Reveals Thug Motivation 103 Release Date

During his six-year anniversary concert for his first album, “Thug Motivation 101”, Young Jeezy finally announced a new release date of September 20th for his very delayed fourth album: “Thug Motivation 103”. 

Hopefully TM103 is like that. Jeezy used to hold the crown for the best street/riding music before Gucci, and now Rick Ross, came through and took the spot. Continue reading