IN BLANKSTARE NEWS: Keri Hilson Is Tacky And Twitter Hates Her

Miscarried Baby once again proves  that she has no class on Twitter. Hilson took to her only source of interaction with “fans” to post a distasteful twitter status of her posing with some friend, who she claims looks like Amy Winehouse. This would be all shits and giggles, if poor Amy didn’t tragically die two days ago. Also, I don’t see the resemblance so….Keri needs to keep it cute before Amy haunts her singing career that never was.

IN BLANKSTARE NEWS: Drake Wants To Work With Kreayshawn

Why God? If you’re not aware, Kreayshawn is the Oakland area rapper whose video for “Gucci Gucci” went viral in a matter of minutes. While I admit the song is catchy, I didn’t expect well established rappers to give her that much credit. Well, Drake said in an interview that he would love to work with her. Click the cut to read more on what he said.

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