MIXTAPE REVIEW: Wale » “The Eleven One Eleven Theory”

After reaching a million followers and gearing up for his second solo release, yesterday Wale dropped his mixtape “Eleven One Eleven”; also the date of his highly anticipated album “Ambition”. Check inside for the review and the top tracks.

This mixtape bumps! Seriously, shoutout to @Wale for going hard on this one. He birthed the saying #nodaysoff and it clearly shows. Wale is simply getting better and better. Everyone, including myself questioned his move to Maybach with Ross, but the poetry in his music still lives. Although Attention Deficit flopped—hard, Wale is finally meshing his lyrical, poetic flow atop of dope beats to create a more commercial sound.

Eleven One Eleven is Wale’s 7th mixtape, and in my opinion, his best work. He’s found his sound and his lane. He still holds true to his DMV roots and continues to sample those go-go centric beats, while keeping it mainstream, and finally lacing tracks with his slick and smooth flow. Download. Top tracks IMO:

Ambitious Girl 2 f/ J.Holiday
Ocean Drive f/ Magazeen, Black Cobain, & Tre (of UCB)
Mother Nature
Varsity Blues
Globetrotters f/ 2 Chainz (Tity Boi)
… and of course, BAIT!

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