MIXTAPE REVIEW: Bow Wow » “Greenlight 4”

Rapper Bow Wow dropped his mixtape “Green Light 4” yesterday in prep for his Cash Money dubut, Underrated, which will be out November 1st. But who cares. Check inside for the review yo!

1. Intro
2. ‘You Drinking Too Much’
3. ‘I Go Em Let Em Know’
4. ‘Why They Hate’ featuring Gunplay
5. ‘Everywhere I Go’
6. ‘I’ma Stunt’ featuring Lil Wayne & Tity Boi
7. ‘How Many Girls Wanna’
8. ‘Let’s Get Closer’
9. ‘Alcoholic’
10. ‘Boy or Girl’
11. ‘Come Smoke With Me Pt. 4’ featuring Snoop Dogg
12. ‘Sell My Soul’
13. ‘I Ain’t Worried’
14. ‘Batman’
15. ‘Set It Off’ featuring Queen Latifah
16. ‘Welcome Home’ featuring T-Pain
17. ‘Ain’t Thinkin’ Bout You’ featuring Chris Brown
18. G4 Outro


I hope you weren’t expecting anything much. Bow Wow has definitely had a hard time trying to change his image from being Lil, to gaining respect as a serious rapper. All rappers rap about the same sh*t, but when Bow does it, its annoying/boring…and that’s the truth.

He was successful as a kid because his fanbase were little girls, and his songs were pretty much pop. Now that he’s grown, he has no male fanbase—so he thinks everyone is hating on him. He’s so defensive on all the tracks and trying way too hard. He’s not having fun on his records and it definitely shows. I think he should aspire to be a young Nelly, cause no one will take him serious if he thinks he’s a Drake, or better yet Wayne. This mixtape is nothing special but hopefully he realizes he has no competition, cause he’s Bow Wow. Who do we compare you to? Justin Bieber?

My picks:
“Boy or Girl” which was written to his unborn child is undoubtedly the best track,

and the already released “Ain’t Thinking About You” with Breezy.

2 thoughts on “MIXTAPE REVIEW: Bow Wow » “Greenlight 4”

  1. I haven’t really letnesid to it much because I’m not a huge fan of Mainframe’s productions, my favorite non-Exile Blu music is A Day Late And A Dollar Short with Sene though

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