ALBUM SALES: DJ Khaled Flops; Adele & Beyoncé Continue To Sell

Album Sales for the week of July 19th-August 25th are out. DJ Khaled’s “We The Best Forever” was the only release I was checking for last Tuesday, and to be expected, he flopped. This was Khaled’s fifth album, but first album with a mainstream label backing under Cash Money/Universal, yet it only sold 24,775. I pretty much called it in my review, the album won’t produce anymore Top 10 hits like “I’m On One”…not even on the R&B/Hip-Hop charts, so we can just forget about the existence of this album.

Anyway though, Kidz Bop opened at number one *blank ass stare*, folks keep sucking Adele and she moved from #3 last week to #2, and finally Beysus held strong at her #5 position selling 30,316 more copies of “4”.

Check back next week for the flop sales of Kelly Rowland’s “Here I Am”!


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